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Access to information request

Kahkshan Dar (Iysha)
212-9655 King george blvd
Surrey, B.C. V3T 0C7
FX: 604- 608-3199

 Feb 19, 2014

Access to Information Directorate
Canada Post Corporation
2701 Riverside Drive Suite N1180
Ottawa ON K1A 0B1

To whom it may concern:

Under the Access to Information Act and Protection of Privacy Act, please provide me with:

• A copy of all mailbox locations in Surrey, BC. If there are any mailboxes, which are in the process of being implemented in Surrey, please enclose this information as well.

If there are problems releasing some portions of the documents requested, please do not withhold release of all the documents, but instead forward those you can release.

To avoid photocopying fees, you may provide me these records in PDF format – either via email or on CD.

If you have any concerns, please phone me at (604)440-8895. My fax number is (604) 608-3199.

Please advise me when the material is available for release.


Kahkshan Dar



I am interested to know about the locations of  mailboxes in Surrey because there is no data available on this information on Canada post website yet. If I am able to find this information, I would like to map this information for convenience of neighbourhoods in Surrey. This will help to easily locate them to find nearest mailbox in their community. There are two stories, “The death of letter box” and “Community mailboxes draw thieves” from Vancouver Sun that lead me to do this assignment.