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Photo by: HiperFashion Estúdio Criativo

Photo by: HiperFashion Estúdio Criativo

As a plus size girl, I feel that fashion Industry is heavily responsible to show the true image of an average women of our society. However, fashion Industry is obsessed with the image of slim models in fashion magazines.

Although it is not suggestive to flaunt plus size models in fashion magazine but we forget the reality of our society where an average woman is size 14.

If we talk about the fact that fashion magazines sales are solely dependent on thin models then it is not true. The only way to engage customers to buy magazines depends on its content rather then how thin a model is flaunting on cover pages.

As it states in one of the article:

“The best way to engage fans and attract readers to your magazine will be by creating great content”. The content of the magazines is what assures readers that they would come back to read particular magazine.

With that being said, the perception that clothes don’t look good on thin girls have changed a normal girl’s image to follow extreme diets to become a perfect model-like girl which has created more harm then good in our society.

It is not true that fashion magazines need to keep thin models in the industry to keep their sales up. Recently, a popular magazine Vogue has banned to work with thin models.

Vogue magazine took that approach since many girls are suffering from eating disorders and anorexia. The image of thin models in fashion magazines cause many girls to strive for the perfect body which is both unmanageable and unattainable with out trying extreme methods of diets.

An average girl of our society finds thin models so inspirational that they are  prone to do extreme diets in the hope of attaining a perfect model like body.

In spite of this, we are seeing some shift in fashion Industry where plus sizes are being promoted. A popular fashion magazines Vogue is promoting plus size in their fashion pages. As it states in the article:

“Vogue magazine has opened its coveted fashion- spread pages to a plus-size woman for the first time”.

Also, another popular magazine Flare showed a plus size model in their magazine.

With that, the plus size fashion industry is also booming as reported by CTV news. According to a report, a retail analyst has reported:

“The plus size market is growing at a faster rate than any other segment of the Canadian clothing market.”

Lastly, we cannot deny the fact that fashion industry heavily relies on retouching their photos, according to sources:

“Everything from billboards to commercials to magazine images, it is all retouched. And not just a little nip or a tiny tuck there. It isn’t just covering up a pimple or a stray hair. The insiders report that it is significant- they move an actresses face and actually paste it on to a thinner body.”

At the end, I would like to say that our culture needs to get more educated with the fact that average girls would want to be represented the same way as thin girls.

It is a fact that models have to follow extreme diets and hours and hours everyday in gym to maintain their figure which is something very difficult for an average girl to attain.

In summary, we should strive for healthy lifestyle focusing more on our overall health and well being rather then striving for 0 size figure.


The title for this blog ‘There should be plus size models in fashion Industry’ is SEO friendly since there are two phrases ‘plus model’ and ‘plus size model’ which has top searches in google trends. Therefore, I decided to use these phrases for my blog’s title. I also searched ‘plus size modelling’ and ‘plus size women’ but these searches are significantly lower then the other two. Also, ‘fashion industry’ was in trend rather then the term only ‘fashion’.


Comments on: "There Should Be Plus Size Models In Fashion Industry" (8)

  1. Your article formatting was a little choppy, but the content was good! I’m glad that the fashion industries are now realizing how unhealthy their models can be, and how it can negatively affect body image perception of people who buy their magazines .Good job!

  2. You have made some interesting points here, however there are quite a few grammatical errors that take away from them. Proof reading a bit more would help the overall credibility of your argument. Your summary at the end makes the strongest point in my opinion and I completely agree that our society should focus more on being healthy rather than “skinny.”
    Good job Kahkshan!

  3. Excellent points.
    Being healthy is important and most of these thin models are not, you made a lot of good points about having plus size models in the fashion industry like “An average girl of our society finds thin models so inspirational that they are prone to do extreme diets in the hope of attaining a perfect model like body” these diets can be harmful to their health also.
    A bit of grammatical errors but other than that good piece.

  4. I liked how you said that the “fashion industry is obsessed with the image of the slim models in fashion magazines” and that it should also be responsible to show the average women because many of its readers and models are going to extremes to look like the naturally or not so naturally slim model.You also wrote that sells of magazines are dependent on content rather then on thin models on its cover, so plus size models in magazines shouldn’t be a big deal but you did not talk about this. Great job!

  5. Great points and argument, I really agree with what you’ve said here. It’s extremely disconcerting to see so many skinny models on magazine covers when most women in real life look nothing like that at all. You addressed that really well, but I think that you should quote other sources less next time and write more in your own words.

  6. This is a great post and you bring up some very interesting points. I like how you added in a more personal side to the argument and explained how you personally feel about this issue. I am glad that Vogue and other companies are starting to slowly work towards being more realistic in their portrayal of women. It is sad to think about the fact that models, and young girls wanting to look like those models, can develop serious disorders.

  7. Some great points here. The statement that vogue is banning thin models is a bit of an exageration though. The link says that they are no longer working with models that appear to suffer from an eating dissorder, not just “thin models.”

  8. Great job on your post. You make several good points, I really liked that you mentioned that the size 14 is actually average, i think that was a really good note to start on in terms of informing your readers and giving insight on the topic of what a “plus sized” model really is and you chose your sources well.

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